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Zeigler Build Shipping Container House

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We know that you all love shipping container homes as much as we do, and this amazing home, built by Australian designer Todd Miller doesn't disappoint us one little bit!

Since 2000, Todd, from Brisbane, Australia, has been building houses, mainly for family and friends. This one, originally planned to be a simple Art Studio for his wife, has expanded into such and incredible project, it can surely be described as a unique contribution to the Australian Housing Market.

Todd was so inspired by the potential he saw in shipping containers and the strength that they lend to a house build- remember, shipping containers can carry up to 30 tonnes and stack 10 high while be transported across turbulent oceans- he decided that he had to see what he could achieve using them And, boy, he did it on a grand scale!

Zieglerbuild container home at night

Built from a total of 31 shipping containers, with a gym, workshop and Art Studio, this private residence has a floor space of 560m2 and constructed over 3 storys. In our opinion, it is the epitome of elegance, unique design inspiration and luxury.

container home Swimming pool

Did we forget to mention the Saltwater swimming pool?!

This build is not your bog standard build by anyone's standards. In all honesty, the words "Shipping Container Home" don't really do this awesome house any justice. It's more like "Shipping Container Mansion"

container house outside

Imagine driving home to THIS.

container house at night

Incorporating some modern art to the outside in the form of Graffiti Art, Todd has clearly not shied away from being controversial with this project.

graphiti on container house

graphiti on the container house at night

It wasn't only Modern Art that Todd incorporated into this build. Being ecologically sound and friendly was also an important factor for Todd. The glass throughout the build is "e-glass" (an energy efficient glass designed to prevent heat escaping through the windows onto the outdoors) and he also used 5 layers of "Intra-cool" paint on the exterior walls to help to minimize heat transference.

first floor

As the area where the house is build is designated as a flood risk, the lower floor of the build is classed as uninhabitable under Australian Flooding laws. Therefore, there is no insulation in the lower floor. However, this hasn't prevented Todd from designing and furnishing them to be usable, contemporary spaces.

bathroom container house australia

Having researched shipping container builds, Todd's one worry was the durability and strength of recycled containers, so for this build he has used brand new containers, to ensure it has that little extra strength.

row of shipping containers

The foundations of this house reach a depth of 9m and the interior is supported with a massive steel frame to strengthen the structure. We don't think that this house is going anywhere in a hurry!

The design and layout of this house has been cleverly thought out, with open spaces and intelligently placed windows helping to create natural vortexes, enabling Todd to avoid putting in air conditioning. And a rain water tank provides the house with all of it's water requirements.

metal frame

For more information on why people are building using steel these days go here

While some may raise their eyebrows at the idea of stacked shipping containers to create a home, we believe the impeccable finish to the interior of this stunning home, and the practical but creative and innovative design of this home, both inside and out, is reason enough to think again about considering shipping containers as home building material.

kitchen table container house

The light. open, airy quality of this open plan kitchen diner is fabulous and you have to compliment Todd on his ability to make this home feel far from a house made from "boxes".

The modern touches and good use of lighting in the bathroom takes our breath away,

container house bathroom

While this cosy, romantic but spacious bedroom is truly beautiful.

container home bedroom

Todd designed and made all of the light fittings. Wow!

container house light fitting

The floor boards are from Tasmanian Oak Acoustic board, which is perforated plywood. We think that they add warm and even more elegance to the house and it's overall design feel.

container home hallway

Todd also used Bamboo for some of the flooring and the inclusion of wooden walls throughout lends a feeling of comfort which offsets the steel perfectly, cutting out any "industrial feel".

metal frame container house

I couldn't compromise anything

Todd Miller

container home kitchen

kitchen worktop

kitchen fittings

love it or hate it - as long as people that it's quite clever then I've ticked the design brief

Todd Miller

Whilst this is not the kind of house you can build on a budget - you can't argue with Todd. it is clever and indeed a success! As an inspiration for those of us who love container houses, it's a triumph! 

No details have been overlooked; this is a luxurious, homely, elegant and stunningly beautiful house

Todd has pushed the boundaries of creativity and artistic design with this amazing living space.

Here's an interview with Todd in 2013 about this amazing container home.

Todd can be contacted for consultation at todd@zieglerbuild.com.au.

Make sure you include the term ‘consultancy’ in your subject line and be aware that an initial consultation carries a charge of $400 (price correct at the time of publication but subject to change).

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