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Tree House In The Enchanted Forest

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This three story Tree House in British Columbia, Canada, is more like 3 separate houses that intertwine together,

creating a great aesthetic, similar to that of separate trees, that add up to make a forest.

It looks like something out of a fantasy film don't you think?

three story tree house

And with good reason. This fantasy tree house is actually an attraction for the 'enchanted forest' in Revelstoke, BC Canada.

The enchanted forest features many different attractions for the whole family, from castles to boat rides.

The attraction we're most excited about though, has to be this tree house, bound together with a spiraling metal staircase.

The magic of the enchanted forest can be felt, reflected on the smiles of the children here.

interior tree house

From the interior of the 'three house tree house' you can see that there isn't an awful lot of room for adults but it suits kids just fine.

This tree house is an attraction that we think could path the way for more ingenious tree house architecture ideas.


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