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Tree House Disguised As A Birds Nest

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This tree house was created by the Swedish architecture company inredningsgruppen. Located in Harads Switzerland, this tree house takes nendo's tree house for birds and humans to a whole new level. instead of a tree house with birds nest's this tree house actually IS a birds nest!

Well it's made to look like one at least.

birds nest

The tree house is suspended in the air, supported by the surrounding trees via metal clamps.

The exit and entrance to the house is a ladder leading up to an opening hatch and is the only giveaway from the outside that this tree house is man made.

birds nest entrance image

The interior of this birds nest tree house is unlike anything you could expect from the outside. It is designed to completely contrast it's exterior and does a great job.

The tree house itself, is designed for up to 4 people, it is roughly 17 square meters, comprised of 3 beds one double bed and 2 single beds.

interior birds nest

 The windows, like everything else about this tree house, are barely even visible from the outside, disappearing in the tree house's network of branches, but from the interior you can easily see out.

Most importantly however, is that this tree house has free WiFi!


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