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The Tree-In-A-house Tree House

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This gorgeous four story glass palace, brings a modern spin on the idea of a Tree House, almost flipping it on it's head in fact as this tree house is actually a tree... In a house.

This is all very confusing...

But here it is in all it's glory, and it looks amazing.

glass house 2

The glass tree house is 4 story's tall, reaching just over the tall Fir trees surrounded by it.

And while being somewhat unconventional, it definitely doesn't seem out of place. Though it does remind me of the saying 'don't throw stones in glass houses.' But here it's more literal... Like really... Don't throw stones in this house... Or anything.

interior glass house

Looking out on the horizon of a sea of trees must surely be an amazing sight to see in person. This may just be the number one selling point for this Tree house.

interior glass house 2

The colour scheme here is really quite simple, as it is in many modern interiors. Light browns to match the bark of the Fir tree and the earthly feel of the forest, and white to complement it like whipped cream on dessert.

This tree house is not technically a tree house, but it is definitely an awesome idea, with awesome execution.

(Image gathered from www.amasow.com)

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