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the tree house for people and birds

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This querky tree house, named the 'Bird apartment' is a home not only to people, but also to birds. On one side there is an entrance fit for humans, and on the other there are a number of entrances to over 70 nest spaces for small birds.

What better way to be at one with nature than to actually live in a bird house?!

bird house

from the human side there are spy holes you can use to take a look into the world of the birds sharing the tree house.

peep hole image

The tree house itself houses one person and gives room for many small birds, and is supported by 3 trees that shoot up through the middle of it.

It is situated in Komoro city Japan, in the mountains of the Nagano prefecture.

For artistic symmetry here, you can see that the entrance to the tree house is similar to the entrances of the bird houses. possibly to promote a connection between animals and humans.

entrance image


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