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The Old Station Carriage Getaway

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Carol and Mark Benson opened a guest house in north yorkshire in the old ebberston railway station (UK), complete with a platform as well as several carriages.

The station house was too small for guests however, so the couple decided to use the train carriages themselves as the guest houses.

old station image

These used to be first class carriages, but the 45 year old train cars have been transformed into self contained homes. Each carriage containing two or three bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and lounge. The Bensons did their best to keep as many of the original fixtures as they could, such as the original luggage racks, so as to still create the atmosphere of being on a train carriage.

old station interior 2

Authentic seating also adds to the atmoshphere that one is still on a mode of public transport. However now instead of dozing off on your way to work, with the old compartments of the train being converted into bedrooms, you can actually get a good nights sleep here!

old station interior

As you can see these converted train carriages could provide a quaint getaway for locomotive enthusiasts, small families and couples alike. These train car homes are available for rent at a weekly rate of just over £300 (pretty reasonable really).

Learn more at www.theoldstationallerston.co.uk

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