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The 5 Story, Giant Tree Church

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This enormous, beautiful, five story tree house is an excellent show of what hard work, determination and a splash of skill (and cash) can do for you and your dreams.

This Tree house is more than meets the eye though, as you can see in the picture below, this tree house is also a church.

Or at least WAS also a church, as sadly, Horace Burgess, A minister and the creator of this awesome tree house had to discontinue construction, due to 'fire code violations.' Some people have since taken to vandalizing the place also.

Which is a shame as it really is a spectacle.

Five Story Tree House

Here you can see the pulpit, looking out at the benches.

Lets take a minute though to respect the craftsmanship needed to create this. Almost every part of this tree house is made of wood.

Somebody say splinters?

wooden sculpture 1  wooden sculpture 2

Check out these cool little wooden sculptures, cut out of logs of wood. They appear to be sculptures of Jesus and are almost reminiscent of those Russian nesting dolls don't you think?

So Horace Burgess is an amazing architect, but also an accomplished sculptor.

If you thought the interior of this awesome tree house was cool... Just look at it from the outside. 'wow' doesn't even cut it.

outside view of five story tree house

The Minister, Horace Burgess, has created this masterpiece of a tree house... no tree house doesn't do it justice does it? Tree mansion, sounds better, claiming it to have been a call from God.

check out www.facebook.com/pages/Horace-Burgesss-Treehouse to see reviews and more awesome pictures of this tree church.

tree church

Many people wish to get married in this gigantic tree house, as you can see from the facebook page, and wouldn't you? Not many people can say they got married in a GIANT tree house.

Many have tried through the facebook page but sadly no one seems to be able to contact him anymore.

So for now, this Giant tree church sits alone, creaking in the forest... Spooky!

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