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The Silverfish HouseBoat

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Designed and created by Sascha Akkermann of confused-direction in collaboration with architects Die Schreinermeisterei and friends,

The 'Silberfisch,' or 'Silver Fish' is a luxury floating home with stunning clean interiors as well as exteriors, topped off with a beautiful living roof garden.

This houseboat manages to find a balance between modern style and living, and 'maritime flair' making for a home that is bound to turn heads.

silverfish roof image

One of the only aspects of the interior not designed and created by sascha akkerman is the flooring.

Designed by Lars Contzen, the silver fish has an incredible, unique laminate resoflooring in 'Grey Prismatic' that shines like clear ice in the sun.

silver fish resofloor image

It has all the essentials of a home, a kitchen, dishwasher, a gas stove as well as an electric oven, bathroom with a shower, a washing machine. But what the silver fish excels in, is its delivery and the style of these essentials.

For instance, coming from an ecological standpoint the team decided to incorporate a bio-toilet, a waste water system on shore and a special 'aluminum granulate' material coating on the exterior of the house boat that reflects heat from the sun in the summer and reflects the heat from the inside in the winter, regulating heat without the need for central heating/ cooling.

aluminum image

For more information you can go to: www.sascha-akkermann.de

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