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Jake Von Slatt's school bus tiny house

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Inspired by the book Rolling Homes by Jane Lidz written in 1979, steampunk enthusiast and all round engineering genius, Jake Von Slatt, turned a 75-seater school bus into a family camper van with a 60's-esque feel to it.

Von Slatt’s 35 foot bus was created with mostly recycled and salvaged materials and includes a salon, kitchen, bathroom, bunk room and master bedroom.

It's unbelievable what Jake Von Slatt has done with this old school bus.

von slatt interior image

The interior of this converted school bus now looks completely alien to it's original state.

Throughout, are homages to the past in the form of color, architecture, furniture and ornaments. For instance, the lighting in particular is a nod to a bygone era.

The two tone color scheme of 'Light tourmaline' and 'Mystic Seaport' coupled with polished wood fixtures, serves to cement the look and feel of a 60's diner, on wheels.

von slatt bunk image von slatt master imageNot only is this school bus a mobile home suitable for a family but it also sports a master bedroom with a double bed. How has he crammed so much into this bus!

In a small space such as this having room for all this, as well as the kitchen, dining table, bathroom and storage, efficient space management is the most important thing and Jake's school bus conversion takes this rule to a whole other level.

There are many compartments throughout the school bus that provide ample storage and make sure there is as much room as possible.

von slatt footer image

It was originally built for 75 Passengers with a GVWR 30,000 lbs and originally came from Montrose, New York. The dimensions of the bus are 35' x 7.5' x 6.5'

For more information check out www.vonslatt.com. where Jake Von Slatt has documented the process of creating this camper from start to finish. You'll find an in depth look at everything that went into it's creation as well as Jake Von Slatt's other projects.

Or you could have a look at Von Slatt's youtube channel and consider subscribing to keep up to date with his creations.

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