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The Mirror Treehouse

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This Mirror Treehouse,  was designed by Tham & Videgard, a swedish architecture company.

Almost invisible to the naked eye, this tree house takes being at one with the forest to a whole new level, surrounded in mirrors, it's only apparent that this tree house is there because of the lights on in the windows.

This tree house in particular is actually part of a set of different 'Tree Hotels.'

Don't run off too far away from your hotel though... You might just lose it.

mirror tree house

The first thing that came to mind when seeing this Mirror tree house is 'what if birds fly into it?'

The glass exterior of the the house is laminated with a transparent, ultraviolet color that only birds can see.

Which is good, otherwise these mirrors wouldn't look very perfect for long!

tree house stairway

As you can see here, the tree house is supported by suspension wires and is accessible via the rope bridge, attached to the surrounding trees.

The tree house itself is 4x4x4 meters, built with plywood, and sports mirrors that give you a 360 degree view of all surroundings.

mirror tree house interior

from the inside you can see sleek wooden walls and ceilings. as well as furs and a simple light cream color scheme, combined with the supporting tree that shoots through the house. this is reminiscent of an authentic 'cabin in the woods' experience, but with a modern twist.

site map

(Image gathered from www.tvark.se/treehotel)

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