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Michael Otaski's Incredible House Truck

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This house truck, crafted by the artist Michael Otaski is just 8 feet wide but 38 feet long and 12 feet tall. And at first glance you might mistake it for a small cabin.

The House truck is nicknamed 'Land Yacht' And with good reason. It is built of a 1948, 10 wheeler, International. For a tiny home, it's massive!

land yacht image

The house truck has two bedrooms, one small bunk for children that overlooks the front of the truck,  a full kitchen, a bathroom and plenty of storage facilities.

All of the utilities in the truck are powered by propane gas.

land yacht bunk image

Michael Ostaski has put his artistic talent into full motion with this house truck, as can be seen throughout.

The stone fireplace is complimented by a collage of pebbles rolling up the side of the wall.

One of the most spectacular artistic pieces of this truck is the mosaic in the shower - an awesome piece that trails along the wall to the stained glass window on the right.

land yacht mosaic

Check out this interview with Michael Ostaski

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