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Customized floating homes To Suit You

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Floating homes can suit many types of people, with many types of styles, from rustic country, to simplistic modern architecture and decore.

The designers at www.floatinghomes.ltd.uk create custom floating homes and other 'floating' projects, from around £150,000 (unfortunately these homes are only for sale in the UK, however the company started out in the Netherlands, and branched out to the UK, so in the near future, maybe we'll see floating homes in the US and other countries too!)

It is as simple as contacting them, discussing design and location and you'll have your custom floating home in no time!

Sometimes as early as 4 months!

They have created some stunning custom floating homes in the past, here is a look at a few of them.

rural floating home

This Floating home adheres to the outdoorsy type. moored in a small lake, it envelopes the home and it's owner into nature, secluded yet serene.

the chichester

This is a concept for a floating home named 'The chichestor.' An awesome display of modern design.

The shutters for the windows match the discrete timber exterior, allowing for privacy when needed.

There is an extending deck, that comes out from below the front doors, allowing you to get back to land or simply to sit and chat like the couple in the picture.

If these awesome floating homes have peaked your interest, you can find out more at www.floatinghomes.ltd.uk.

Within 4 months you could be living in your very own floating home.

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