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Earthship for sale

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This incredible and unique Earthship was built by it's current owner and is truly stunning.


Not only does this Earthship have some of the most awesome views I have ever seen, it has also been designed with self sufficiency in mind every step of the way.


Built from locally sourced material, it has tons of attention to details, including this incredible mosaic bathtub


And just look at these stunning 3 foot thick, earth beamed walls!


Even the in built shelves and cabinets are locally sourced!


Totally designed for off grid self sufficiency, this house is the house for our eco lovers. And guess what? IT'S FOR SALE! Actually sorry but this home is no longer for sale but please do check out greenhomesforsale.com

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If you have yet to see this house - you need to see this. It cost less than £3k to build!
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