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Don't Forget About Simon's Incredible Eco Home

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Probably one of the most famous of all "hobbit homes", this amazing home, built by Simon Dale, is in Wales, UK.

Inside the hobbit house

This little roundhouse took only 4 months and approximately £3k to build.

Simon built this house with his Father In Law with a bit of help from passers by and visiting friends.

The main tools used were

Simon was not a builder or carpenter.

Don't you think this little house is beautiful? Most of us could get together a few thousand pounds/dollars to make this happen.

The simplicity and cost makes this style of house accessible and it's beauty and use of natural materials remind us to live well as part of the landscape/nature/earth.

under construction

After living in this stunning house, Simon Dale and his family bought land elsewhere to build there next house on and this wonderful creation has been left for passing woodland workers to use. 


You can learn more about Simon Dale and the projects he is undertaking at www.simondale.net

If you would be interested in learning how to build a house like this, Simon has courses available at www.simondale.net/courses.htm





Earthship for sale

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This house is THE house for our eco lovers.
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