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converted gn 441 locomotive tiny home

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This luxury converted locomotive is another addition to the rail car hotels made by the team at the izaak walton inn and represents the Great Northern diesels that once rolled past the Izaak Walton Inn every day.

During the summer, the radiator fans have been transformed into skylights to let in the Montana sunshine.

Essex Massachusetts has a great locomotive history and any enthusiasts would not be disappointed here.

interior locomotive

With a master bedroom housing a king sized bed, and a fully furnished kitchen, the gn 411 would be excellent for two couples or even a small family. The operators cab at the front of the railcar is still intact and is the only thing that resembles a train from the inside.

It comes with a 46 inch LCD tv that plays DVD's, rubbed oil bronze fixtures and a leather comfort sleeper sofa. The beds are topped with Hudson bay blankets and pillows.

interior locomotive 2

The railcar itself is around 10 feet wide, 15 feet high, 67 feet long, and weighed around 195 tons when built. But after it was stripped and converted it lost over 150,000 pounds!

It's interior is furnished with a native Montana Argillite stone fireplace, birch, cedar and cottonwood, as well as real oak wood floor over 400 years old!

locomotive bedroom image

The last great part about this luxury locomotive is that it's also a lodge up for rent!

If you'd like to learn more about this train car home or maybe look into a holiday in it, check out  www.izaakwaltoninn.com.

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