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cob cottage built for just £150!

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Michael Buck has created a gorgeous cob house created solely from materials found in and around his farm!

The final product only cost him around £150 but that hasn't done a thing to dent the quality as this cob house is an artistic as well as an architectural marvel.

'I used to paint landscapes, now I build them.'

Michael Buck

This cob house is an excellent example of what can be done with very little money but a creative mind.

michael buck cob house image

It sits in a field under an oak tree, in a very picturesque setting it almost looks like it's a hobbit home pulled straight from Lord Of The Rings, don't you think?

interior hobbit house image

Reclaimed wood for framing and floorboards and glass for windows was donated to Michael by his friends and customers, to create this quaint cob cottage.

It required no power tools to make and is an awesome alternative housing option. This cob house is used by michael and seasonal farm workers that work for him as planning permission is needed to make it a permanent residency for anyone.

This cob house wasn't made to be a replacement home though, it was made to prove a point:

'A house doesn’t have to cost the earth, you only need the earth to build it.'

Michael Buck

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