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5 Ways That Tiny Houses Make You Smart

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It goes against everything we view as ‘normal’…

We work hard and climb the career ladder, in order to increase our wealth and upgrade our material possessions.

Our ultimate goal is to increase floor-space; have individual bedrooms for each child; have an annex for Grandma, a multiple vehicle garage, a driveway and a second or third (ensuite!) bathroom as well as enough money left over for luxuries and foreign travel!

If I had all that I would feel pretty smart .......right?

Well for a growing number of people, including families. this is no longer the dream. More and more people are choosing to cast aside their worldly possessions and downsize to a Tiny House. These homes are typically between 100 – 400 square feet. Thats mad small!

Surely that's stupid though isnt it? Why put themselves through that kind of torture?  Surely it must be a living nightmare?

Below are 5 reasons why I would be completely wrong and why Tiny House people may well be smarter than the average bear.

1. Tiny houses are better for the environment

People are increasingly concerned about the human impact on the Planet. Recycling, renewable energy and increased efficiency play on our minds.

How can we reduce our carbon footprint? How can we safeguard the future for our children? How can we make our lives sustainable and reverse the damage?

Tiny Homes are a great solution to many of these problems!

Firstly, and probably most obviously they are smaller, so literally have a smaller footprint. It takes far less energy to heat them, far less to cool them and far less to construct them.

Often built with renewable energy in mind, many of these little houses can be completely disconected from the power grid altogether utilizing solar panels.

Check out this video by 'Tiny House Giant Journey' of Chris and Malissa Tack's Tiny House. They live off-grid for most of the year with their luxurious solar system.

The smaller size of Tiny Houses also means that there are far less materials used in their construction, much of which is often sourced from renewable sources.

All in all Tiny Houses offer a great solution for sustainable housing and will help any tiny house dweller reduce their carbon footprint and help safeguard the planet into the future.

4.Tiny houses are cheaper

House prices are just so high right now. How anyone can justify paying $500,000 for a two up two down house on the outskirts of a city is anyones' guess.

Surely, even if you are lucky enough to have an income that can cover that kind of expense, you still have to question it?

Are houses really worth that much? Most will work for 20 - 30 years to pay off this debt. 20 - 30 YEARS SUBMITTING TO LABOUR! How many of us really enjoy our jobs.  Energy bills are rising year on year and then theres the cost of property taxes and of course maintainance.

Buying a house today is expensive.

Is there a smarter way you ask?

Check out this Tiny House made for under $5000 that houses a family of four.

Ok, perhaps its not the prettiest Tiny House out there, but it's certainly practical, and at that kind of money who cares!!

People that have chosen to live in a Tiny Home and still work full time are reporting a far more comfortable lifestyle with savings and financial security.

Think about it. No mortgage, very little rent (none if you pitch your Tiny house in your parents yard or something) very little energy costs if any (or perhaps you even make money if you have solar panels).

A Tiny House could perhaps be ideal for many younger people who can’t afford a conventional home, particularly students. in comparison to the cost of student housing, a Tiny House may well have paId for itself many times over by the end of a few years in adult learning.

Seniors who want to downsize their lifestyles and expenses may well also benefit form making the move to a Tiny House. In fact 40% of Tiny House owners are over the age of 50.

3. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeedommmmmmm!!!

tiny house freedom

Being able to just up and leave your neighbours behind can't be a bad thing. Be they evil, oppresive dictators looking to 'breed out' your genetic line using the right of jus primae noctis or just plain annoying. A Tiny House would give you this ability. Yes that's right, because many Tiny Houses have wheels! How cool is that?!

tiny house on wheels

It is a fact that those living in a Tiny House are free-er. Hitch the house to the back of your 4x4 and off you go.

That's smart. A soiltary home by the lake one year and a social home at a camp site the next.

There's also the financial freedom. If you have very little debt, that frees up more cash. If you have more cash, you can do more stuff. I'm really starting to get a bit jealous of these Tiny House folks.

4.Tiny houses are more individual

terraced houses uk

Who wants to live in a house the same as everybody elses' house? Most people, apparently. There are some reasons people choose to live like this though - financial not being the least important. Well, we've already discussed that money won't be as much of a problem with a Tiny House.

Check out this house called Ravenlore

Utterly beautiful and I don't think it could be any more individual, particularly on the outside. Many Tiny Houses are designed and custom built by the owners.

From Tiny Homes built on mobile trailers, through a range of tiny cabins and treehouses, to glorified garden sheds. A Tiny House can be a reflection of its creator and is only limited by the creators' imagination.

There are companies that sell stock Tiny Houses like tumbleweed, but it's a great deal easier to add some color to a Tiny House exterior than it is to paint a standard house. Plus those pesky oppressive neighbours would probably complain if you painted your house pink with purple polka dots.

It’s all about innovation and personal preference. The owner can have fun with designing their perfect little space and see how creative they can be!

5. Tiny houses offer more happiness

With little or no debt, more cash and the abillity to up sticks and relocate on a whim, happiness levels have got to be on the up side. theres more though.

The things you own end up owning you. It's only after you lose everything that you're free to do anything.

Chuck Palahniuk

You know that stuff in the cupboard upstairs that you don't want to open, in case you end up seeing things you'll want to deal with somehow? You simply won't be able to fit this stuff in a Tiny House.

Do you need a new 60 inch surround sound, cinema quality, vibrating, rotating, smellevision, 3d TV? Well no, because it won't fit.

Is it ok if your mother-in-law comes around to stay for a week or so? Well no, because she won't fit. It just gets better and better!

Theres less to clean. less maintenance; there's just less of pretty much everything and your life is made so much simpler because you simply don't have the room for anything that might complicate it.

Yes there is a downside to less space. Living on top of one another could be difficult if there is more than one of you living in your Tiny House. Particularly if last night was take-away night...

That said, theres a secret weapon that is contained in each and every Tiny House, that alleviates this pain completely. The door. It's obvious isn't it? You will spend more time outside.

Being outside is proven to cheer you up. Everybody knows it, yet how many of us are acting on this knowledge? In a Tiny House, you will have no choice.

You will have no choice but to be happy!

We have actually put together a list of great value Tiny Houses for sale on ebay for anybody interested.

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